should I grow it or it

Malcolm Redwood
Sat, 24 Jul 2004 00:44:53 PDT
Dear Judy and others,

Just been catching up on unread email and thought oca was Tropaeolum tuberosum rather then our yam which as I have not been able to grow didn't pay enough attention, sorry.
Here (zone 9)Oxalis tuberosa is easy to grow.Ordinary garden soil with an ounce of general fertilizer to the square yard. Plant 4" deep & 16" apart & 2' between the rows. I plant them in November(May) and harvest when the frosts burn off the tops.
Traditionally here they where eaten with the Sunday roast lamb along kumara(sweet potato/Ipomoea batatas), potato and pumpkin.Also we don't dry them we just eat them fresh, mum said she has never heard of drying them.

Malcolm Redwood.
Napier, New Zealand.
Zone 9  

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