Anthericum ramosum
Fri, 09 Jul 2004 10:20:18 PDT
I uploaded photos of Anthericum ramosum to the PBS wiki.

Anthericum ramosum is native to Western & Central Europe, and is an excellent yet underused ornamental species. Perhaps it is neglected because it is sometimes regarded as not overly hardy, when in fact, it's perfectly hardy in USDA Zone 5, in Northern New England, USA. The plant is trim and neat, with tidy firm basal foliage that's handsome in it's own right. Starting in July, erect, wiry branched stems sport flurries of starry white flowers, each with a yellow ovary and sporting yellow anthers. It flowers throughout the summer, growing to about 2' - 3' tall (60 - 90 cm), and is a visual delight on sunny days when the reflexed white flowers open. In flower, the plant is reminiscent of Gaura lindheimeri, a central and western American wildflower that enjoys popularity here in the USA. I have included 3 photos; 2 showing the whole plant from 2 different angles, and a closeup of the flowers. Photographed on July 9, 2004.…

Mark McDonough        
Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States  
"New England", near New Hampshire  
USDA Zone 5
alliums, bulbs, penstemons, hardy hibiscus, 
western american alpines, iris, plants of all 

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