more new ALLIUM photos on the pbs wiki
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 18:44:59 PDT
I posted 4 more photos of choice blue-flowered alliums on the PBS wiki.  Find 
them at:…

Included is Allium litvinovii from Central Asia, a rare species only recently 
introduced into cultivation. It's available from Pacific Rim Native Plant 
Nursery, and well worth the price, if it's still available. The collection data 
is given as Kirghizstan, Chatkal Range, near Lake Sari-Chilek. It flowers in 
May-June with large, intensely purple-blue balls of bloom, atop 16" (40 cm) 
stems. Reportedly allied to A. caesium and caeruleum, it is akin yet distinctive 
in both flower and foliage.

There are also two photos showing forms of Allium caesium, collected from 
central Asia by Arnis Seisums, showing the variability of the species. The flower 
heads are large and a beautiful pale yet rich milky blue color. Both photos 
taken in June 2004.

Mark McDonough Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States "New England" USDA Zone 5
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