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Wed, 21 Jul 2004 19:49:17 PDT
Jane McGary wrote:

>Thanks to Mark for posting a photo of Allium 
>hookeri var. muliense, and saving me the trouble 
>of photographing it so I could ask him what it is.

>I recently bought this plant from Collectors Nursery 
>in Battle Ground, Washington. I believe they have 
>a good supply of them. They have a website through 
>which plants can be ordered. Their plants are grown 
>from seed that proprietor Diana Reeck collected in China.
That's where I got my plant, for the specific purpose of ID'ing the plant.... 
Collectors Nursery.  They have a fabulous list of plants to sell, and they 
sent me the allium to help provide an ID.  I haven't gotttten back to them yet 
with my ID, but must do so.  I compared the plant against the detailed Flora of 
China, as well as with the Missouri Botanical Garden (MOBOT) Tropicos photo 
database, and the photographic type specimen of Allium hookeri var. muliense 
looks just like the subject allium.

Mark McDonough Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States "New England" USDA Zone 5
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