Robert Hamilton
Mon, 19 Jul 2004 23:08:59 PDT
Hi  Mary  Sue,

Thanks  for  keeping this thread  going.

I  forgot to mention that none of the several lots  of  seedlings  
which  germinated for me in 2003 have  appeared this  year despite  our 
  winter  being half  over. I  am  sure  seedling bulbs  of  Gethyllis 
grandiflora  are  still present  as the  dried  remnants of the  
seedling leaves are still present and withstand a  gentle  pull , 
suggesting the are still attached to a   small bulb.  My past 
experience with  G  verticillata certainly makes me  hopeful I  will 
still get them back into growth.

In late  autumn   was fortunate  enough to  aquire  some Apodolirion 
seed  which is  now  germinating  well.  I  find  summer rainfall 
amaryllids in general   grow  much  more  rapidly for  me  as they  
tend  to  grow  on for  almost  12 months  from an autumn sowing in 
their first  season.  I  hope  the Apodolirion  will  also  follow this 



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