Oxalis pictures on the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Thu, 01 Jul 2004 14:33:40 PDT
Dear All,

I added some pictures of South American Oxalis I saw in bloom in the UK 
when I visited and have made a new wiki page for South American Oxalis. I 
checked my new checklist from Richard Clifton and see the origins are often 
as muddled as the names. This new addition prefers the name O. lobata 
rather than O. peridicaria. He reports the name O. lobata was published in 
1823 and O. peridicaria in 1833 so O. lobata would be first.

I wasn't sure what to do with Oxalis corymbosa which apparently some people 
think is a separate species and others as synonymous with O. debilis. 
Possible origins are Mauritius, Madagascar, South America, Pacific isles, 
Asia. What do our Oxalis fans think? Should I move it to the South American 
wiki page? It sounds like it is one of those weedy ones. No mention in 
Clifton of a version with variegated leaves like in Ann Marie's pictures.

I added a picture of an Oxalis we often saw in the woods when we were out 
hiking in the UK, Oxalis acetosella. The flower in the picture is not 
pristine, but it was the best picture we ended up with after quite a few 
tries. Blooming in the Alpine House at Wisley (we really liked the Alpine 
house) were two Oxalis, Oxalis enneaphylla 'Lady Elizabeth' and Oxalis 
'Ute'. They were both really nice I thought. Ian Young also had a couple of 
Oxalis in bloom in his garden. I added pictures of O. adenophylla. I 
understand why people want to grow some of these South American ones. They 
are really pretty.


for O. acetosella and O. 'Ute' and from there you can reference the South 
American Oxalis to see the other two.

Mary Sue 

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