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John Lonsdale
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 19:18:50 PDT

C. creticum is in the repandum (or rhodium) complex and as such has very
thin leaves - it won't take any sun.  The flowers are white or rarely pale
pink and very small and insubstantial.  It is scented though. The leaves can
be nicely marked but are frequently not.  It is a miffy thing and extremely
prone to over watering - something that is very easy to do because it is
very late into growth and flower.  I grow maybe a dozen plants and a few
dozen seedlings in a cold greenhouse and they are nice enough but I doubt it
would make much of a house plant.


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USDA Zone 6b
>5. Cyclamen creticum--winter growing, fresh seed

I have a strong affinity for greek things, particularly from Crete... but I 
investigated this plant on and found that this is not a hardy 
species.  I grow some irises from Crete which have proven to be more cold 
hardy than irises from the mainland of Greece.  That's a shocker!  So I had 
hopes for this Cyclamen, but to no avail.

Does anyone out there have experience growing this Cyclamen as an indoor 

Dennis in Cincinnati 

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