Another Crinum question

James Yourch
Tue, 13 Jul 2004 07:45:37 PDT

Crinum zeylanicum is not easy to find so it is not one I grow yet, but hope
to soon. My bulbs are coming from south Florida too, I wonder if they are
coming from the same person?  Here in zone 7 I plan to grow them in a large
container, but as soon as I have sufficient bulbs I will be planting some
out on a well drained south facing bank for hardiness testing.  If you get
more than 1 bulb how about planting one in the protected outdoor location
you mentioned and containerizing the others.  I would be very interested in
how your outdoor bulb fares this winter.

I already am a Crinum addict.  There are worse things.


Jay Yourch

Central North Carolina, USA (USDA Zone 7)

Joe Shaw wrote:

>I have been lucky enough to trade some of my items for some Crinum 
>zeylanicum.  It is a pass-along Crinum from Miami area.  It grows
>outdoors there and seems to do well, according to my trading partner.
>I've heard this species is sensitive to cold.
>Does anyone know how it performs in zone 9?  I've looked over the recent 
>hardy Crinum data (very impressive), but I didn't find any mention of C. 
>zeylanicum.  Marcelle Sheppard tells me it survives for her in Beaumont,
>Texas but, "doesn't like it."  
>Since it grows OK in Miami, I'm guessing it can take year round rain.  My 
>plan is to give it good drainage and let plant it near the house foundation
>where it will get a little warmth on the coldest nights.  
>p.s.  I'm afraid I'm becoming a Crinum addict.

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