Pacific BX 66

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 20 Jul 2004 08:09:23 PDT
Dear All,

Alberto still isn't getting mail on our list since his surgery or he would 
surely tell us whether the BX offerings are winter growing, summer growing, 
or evergreen. So I guess we donors need to provide this information for 
Dell so the people who are asking for the material will know when to plant. 
Perhaps people can correct/ supplement what I am suggesting:

 >From Marilyn Pekasky:

1. Seed of unknown Watsonia sp.
2. Cormlets of Watsonia pillansii hyb., apricot/peach flowers -- evergreen
3. Seed of Wachendorfia thyrsiflora -- winter growing

 >From Pat Colville:

4. Bulblets of Scilla campanulata = Hyacinthoides hispanica, winter growing
5. Bulbs of Oxalis hirta -- winter growing
6. Bulblets of Albuca canadensis = Albuca flacida -- winter growing
7. Seed of Hippeastrum red & white x 'Picotee' -- short lived seed, sow 
right away
8. Cormlets of Ferraria sp.? -- winter growing
9. Cormlets of Ferraria crispa -- winter growing
10. Bulblets of Lachenalia aloides tricolor -- winter growing
11. Bulblets of Lachenalia aloides quadricolor -- winter growing
12. Small bulbs (1 yr) of Crinum moorei

 >From Dell Sherk:

13. Seed of Zephyranthes katherinae, yellow flowers with reddish tips,
summer blooming -- short lived seed, sow soon
14. Seed of Habranthus martinezii, summer blooming for me -- short lived 
seed, sow soon
15. Seed of Zephyranthes drummondii -- short lived seed, sow soon

And thank you Dell for your offerings and the fantastic job you do for all 
of us on the BX!!

Mary Sue

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