Brodiaea californica

diana chapman
Mon, 05 Jul 2004 18:47:42 PDT
Hi Tony:

The commercial clone "Queen Fabiola" is actually Triteleia laxa.  B.
californica is a different species, and should look quite a bit different,
even though there is a lot of variation in color within the species.


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> I grow this plant (from seed collected by Wayne Roderick a few years
> ago) in a sand bed in the garden here in eastern England.  The bed has
> a roughly seven inch layer of sand with a layer of gritty compost
> below.  The bulbs are planted in the sand, just above the compost
> level.  They are doing better here than in a raised bed of standard
> free draining compost and better than the few I keep in a pot.  It is
> in full flower now, dwarfing the commercial clone 'Queen Fabiola.'
> Tony Goode, Nowich UK.  Mintemp -8C
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