aeuploids/aneuploids; was: Re: double-flowered tiger lily; was: Re: [pbs] Bulb Odds and ends

Christine Council
Tue, 13 Jul 2004 19:24:35 PDT
Hello Jim, Do you have miasma or Mias Ma?
Perhaps some of us are challenged in general. Perhaps 
some of us are frightened of long names and perhaps some
of us (no name shall be mentioned)have no clue; for
it is all we can do to spell Oxalis. Ah, O.X.A.L.I.S. is that
one or two L's? Is it a plant,flower or weed? Um, I was just
wondering which is better, newploids, oldploids or that
thing on T.V. called the noid?  The honest truth, I wouldn't 
know if you misspelled or miss typed. I don't catch on until
some one points out a "miss" because I didn't know there
was a double flowered Tiger Lilly.  Thank you and everyone
for your contributions. In case nobody noticed,I was poking fun
at myself for not noticing what was probably obvious to everyone

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> Date: 7/13/2004 11:29:01 AM
> Subject: aeuploids/aneuploids; was: Re: double-flowered tiger lily;was:
Re: [pbs] Bulb Odds and   ends
> Well, it turns out that Streuwelpeter/Stuwwelpeter was not the only slip
> the typing fingers in that post. 
> When I merrily poked fun at the "euphonically challenged  " who use the
> spelling aneupolids, I was a bit orthographically challenged myself: I
> should have typed "aneuploids". 
> Isn't any one reading these posts? I've given all of you three
> opportunities (the Streuwelpeter/Stuwwelpeter thing, the misspelling
> aneupolid, and catchiest of all the aeuploid/aneuploid issue) to jump in
> and straighten me out, and no one has taken any of them! 
> I'll attribute it to aestival lassitude. 
> Someone please at least take the bait on the aeuploid/aneuploid thing so I
> can do my piece on that.  
> Jim McKenney
> Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where the miasma has kept
> in for the last few days. 
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