Dierama corms

Barbara Weintraub blweintraub1@earthlink.net
Sat, 03 Jul 2004 08:38:52 PDT
Dear Mary Sue,
You're throwing out Dierama corms?!?!?! I will happily pay postage to 
encourage you to save them. ;-) If they are not yet in the hands of the 
refuse collectors, please offer them to others. (I'll take a dozen!)

At 09:19 AM 7/3/2004, Mary Sue wrote:
>Dear All,
>Yesterday I decided to dig out and throw out a patch of Dierama that 
>hadn't bloomed for a couple of years ...

- Barbara

Leaf and Stone
Barbara L. Weintraub
Santa Fe, NM
6640 feet elevation
USDA zone 5a/6b

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