PBS Membership

Cathy Craig cathycraigea@hotmail.com
Tue, 27 Jul 2004 16:50:49 PDT
Hello all,

I just had an inquiry from one of our members who was having trouble 
figuring out where to send his renewal dues.

Our PBS membership chair is: Pat Colville

She has a NEW email address - please make a note of it: 

Dues are: US $20  International $25

If or when you are up for renewal mail them to Patty at:

Pat Colville, PBS Membership
1555 Washburn Road
Pasadena CA 91105

Email to Patty is usually more reliable than a phone call. She has access to 
email only on Mon thru Fridays however, but I have always found her very 
consciencious about answering emails.

Please feel free to email me or any other director or officer if you are 
having any problems regarding PBS. Thanks, all!

Cathy Craig EA

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