Do I owe Chris Council an apology?

Jim McKenney
Fri, 09 Jul 2004 06:35:26 PDT
Dear Chris,

When I read your recent posting to Dell, I realized that I may owe you an
apology. You said:

>as you know I am new to plants but Oxalis drew me in;

Several weeks ago you posted to PBS and asked a question about what would
happen if a strawberry crossed with your oxalis. I replied with a piece
which might be read as humourous (that was my intention) or sarcastic
(definitely not my intention). 

The postings to the list at that time included threads which touched on
hybrids, the proper nomenclature of hybrids and related topics. When your
posting asking about the strawberry and oxalis appeared, I assumed it was
meant as a joke - and I replied in kind. 

But now I realize that you are a newbie, and maybe you meant the question

If so, my response was a real faux pas, and you have good reason to think
I'm a total jerk. 

If you're question was meant seriously, please accept my apologies for a
response which probably gave the (inaccurate) impression that I was blowing
you off and ridiculing your query. 

Jim McKenney

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