Should I grow it or eat it?

Kenneth Hixson
Thu, 22 Jul 2004 00:48:21 PDT
Dear Members:
At 05:06 PM 7/21/04 -0700, you wrote:
>This site doesn't have recipes, but they have a further description 
>about oca and they sell several different varieties of it: Oregon 
>Exotics Nursery <>

	Before ordering from Oregon Exotics in Medford, Oregon you might
be wise to read some of the comments at a site like
It is apparently a one person operation, and he has more orders than 
plants.  I ordered from Oregon Exotics once--good plants, when they
finally arrived, a couple substituted without approval.

	Another source is, in Albany Oregon.
They presumably get their Oca from Dr. Alan Kapuler of Corvallis, Oregon--
at least he is pictured in the catalog, with his hands spread over a row
of oca.  Nichols price is 10 tubers for $9.95, spring shipment only.
You could email to, and ask about recipes for
oca--they do include recipes for various vegetables in the catalog, and
I seem to remember that Rose Marie Nichols McGee offered a book of recipes
last year.

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