Pacific BX 67 - Lachenalia

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:48:38 PDT
Dear All,

I keep forgetting to rename my labels on the species I just sent seed to 
Dell for the BX. Lachenalia latifolia (listed as that in Graham Duncan's 
book, The Lachenalia Handbook) is now considered to be Lachenalia nervosa 
so if you order that seed (#8) please make the appropriate name change. 
This is a late blooming Lachenalia (May) with wonderful prostrate leaves. 
Mine have longitudinal veins and pustules too. I like the flower as well. 
To make up for the fact that I misnamed it for Dell I have just added a 
picture of the leaves to the wiki. There were pictures of the flowers there 
before, but unfortunately if you were looking for Lachenalia latifolia, you 
might have missed that is was a synonym for L. nervosa.…

Mary Sue

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