Errors in Pacific Bx 65 listing

Dell Sherk
Thu, 08 Jul 2004 05:54:55 PDT
Dear All,

Sorry about my carelessness. Obviously, I messed up on the numbering. Please
include the name of the species on numbers 1, 2, and 3. Also, I forgot to
include some information which Mary Sue sent about her babianas:
"Babiana sp. -- I think these are descendants of corms I grew from mixed
Babiana seed in the 80ties. In northern California (both inland in Stockton
and here on the coast) they have been easy garden plants, blooming well and
increasing dramatically over time. I have a number of clumps in my garden
that now need dividing and was amazed at how many were in the one spot we
tackled. These look like Babiana sp. #6 on the wiki, bluish purple with a
dark center. Winter growing."

Best regards,

--Dell Sherk, Director, Pacific BX

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