Taxonomy and Phylogeny
Wed, 21 Jul 2004 15:07:06 PDT
Hi All,

Some of the plants discussed here are covered by the new report from the 
Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG2).  For instance, APG2 suggests that Hyacinthaceae 
and Agavaceae (e.g., Manfreda) be included in the Asparagaceae.  

Similarly, APG2 proposes including Amaryllidaceae and Agapanthaceae in the 

The rationale is provided and there is plenty of reason to argue to a 
different conclusion that provided by the APG2.  The Linneaean system combines 
scientific fact with human decision (where to draw a boundary), and therein lies the 
room for argument.  There is no absolute rule for "how far apart two plants 
must be in order to be in different families."  

I've uploaded the article for a few days for those who want to read it.  Be 
sure and read the section on monocots, pages 5 and 6.

LINK:  APG2 report 


Conroe Joe

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