Do I owe Chris Council an apology?

Christine Council
Fri, 09 Jul 2004 20:30:04 PDT
Hi Jim and everybody:
I found your answer humorous but was still wondering if unlike
blossoms actually could make weird baby flowers? I have seen some very
things in my little garden;I have no idea what they are but I know what
some of them were. 
Please continue to be yourself because the world is to serious.
I was joking and serious about my giant peanut but nobody thought it was
I did get some serious responses.
Imagine my surprise when I dug down into the dirt and thought some one had
dropped a peanut shell into the pot until I found a few more peanut shells
of different
sizes in other flower pots. I forget who set me straight but discovered that
the peanut with the hole in it was just a seed pod as were the others.
Still I wonder if I should worry about the little thing which escaped out
of that little hole in the shell.  Where did it go? what did it do? how was
I supposed to
know it was a seed pod?  Now I am serious, what does a newbie know? and how
does a newbie 
know these things? Ha.
Keep us smiling,

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> From: Jim McKenney <>
> To: <>
> Date: 7/9/2004 9:36:09 AM
> Subject: [pbs] Do I owe Chris Council an apology?
> Dear Chris,
> When I read your recent posting to Dell, I realized that I may owe you an
> apology. You said:
> >as you know I am new to plants but Oxalis drew me in;
> Several weeks ago you posted to PBS and asked a question about what would
> happen if a strawberry crossed with your oxalis. I replied with a piece
> which might be read as humourous (that was my intention) or sarcastic
> (definitely not my intention). 
> The postings to the list at that time included threads which touched on
> hybrids, the proper nomenclature of hybrids and related topics. When your
> posting asking about the strawberry and oxalis appeared, I assumed it was
> meant as a joke - and I replied in kind. 
> But now I realize that you are a newbie, and maybe you meant the question
> seriously.
> If so, my response was a real faux pas, and you have good reason to think
> I'm a total jerk. 
> If you're question was meant seriously, please accept my apologies for a
> response which probably gave the (inaccurate) impression that I was
> you off and ridiculing your query. 
> Jim McKenney
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