Dierama, potting up is OK?

Kelly O'Neill kellyo@wetrock.com
Sun, 04 Jul 2004 13:24:56 PDT
> So, what about Dierama.  Surely the seedlings will be OK if I move 
> whole rootball of 10-12 seedlings up to a gallon can?  

When I said I believe divisions ought to be large, I meant chunks of large plants as 
they are broken up into clones. Seedlings, I would divide early (1-3 inches tall). I 
think letting their roots get tangled in a well rooted pot and then dividing the separate 
seedlings would be rather hard on them. If I had too many I might do it that way to 
select for the ones that take rough treatment the best (those that do well after that 
root damage, if any). Although I think the easy species would all survive such an 
approach, I think they would prefer their own pot early in life.
   I also think they like being in the ground even more if you can keep the weeds 
away. I live in the grass seed (and pollen) capitol of the world - according to local 
billboards. Dieramas look like my primary weed nemesis. Volunteer weeders here at 
the farm (and my own slacker management style) make it a challenge to keep babes 
in the ground.    Happy 4th O July,  KellyO
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