Allium photos on the wiki + Eremurus
Tue, 20 Jul 2004 18:45:47 PDT
Hi folks,

I posted 3 photos of Allium hookeri var. muliense, an unusual species from 
China, inhabiting forest margins and moist meadows in Sichuan and Yunnan 
provinces, at 2800 - 4200 m elevation.  The species in unique in having up to 8-9 
leaves in fine condition at flowering, the plant looking more like a hemerocallis 
than an allium, until the ball of bright yellow flowers appear in June and 
early July. The flower stem is approximately 2'-4" tall (70 cm).  This species 
grows from thick fleshy roots attached to narrow cylindric bulbs.…

Also, I updated a photo of Eremurus stenophyllus, removing the old photo and 
inserting the new one.  This year my plant had 12 magnificent flowering 
spikes, and was a true sensation. Photo located at:…

Mark McDonough Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States "New England" USDA Zone 5
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