Paeonia TOW - Part 1

Jane McGary
Fri, 30 Jul 2004 17:15:26 PDT
Jim McKenney wrote that his Paeonia lutea died after being moved.

I suspect that a mature seed-grown plant of this species would not take 
kindly to being moved. Even the young seedlings, 10-12 inches tall, that I 
move from under the big ones don't always survive the experience.

I have this species in several sites, including volunteers in perfectly 
awful places such as the root zone of a big Douglas fir. It seems to flower 
best in half shade, but even a plant in full shade up against the north 
side of my house blooms and sets seed. It's definitely hardy to zero F or a 
bit below.

Regarding herbaceous peonies that can grow from bits of root left in the 
soil, the pretty variety 'Coral Charm' is well known for doing this. I have 
a bunch of them popping up among the branches of a prostrate pine that I 
planted after moving (I thought) the peony.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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