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James Waddick
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 11:04:29 PDT
>I've set up a page for this genus and posted photos of the two 
>species to avoid! Jim McKenney

Dear Jim and all;
	As we have recently seen in regard to Arum italicum, a (near) 
weed for many, others cannot grow them at all. Same with Pinellia. I 
am a big fan of all the species and none are a bother. I grow all the 
common species including P. ternata, P. tripartita, P. pedatisecta, 
P. cordata, and the rarer P. peltatum as well as various selections 
and hybrids. I would not be without them. Sure some are vigorous, but 
all are easily controlled.

	As you mention P. cordata (at least three forms) is less 
vigorous than any of the others as compared to P. pedatisecta (no 
variants that I know of). Even at its most aggressive they pull out 
easily. In my unkind climate it is nice to have something this 
carefree and satisfying.

	With the exception of P. cordata, all are easily propagated 
by tubers and seeds, and a couple species have tuber-bils on the leaf 
or stem, too.Anyone know of any with variegated foliage?

	Best	Jim W.
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