Brodiaea californica

diana chapman
Tue, 06 Jul 2004 06:26:12 PDT
Thank you Tony!

I collected seed of this form near Chico, California where it is rapidly
being wiped out due to development.  It used to be quite common.  There are
other colors, and I hope to have a very pale blue, plus some white in the
future.  The violet one is also very beautiful.  It has always been my
favorite, and I have received rave reviews from a lot of happy customers.


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> Diana:
> We purchased what you (Telos Bulbs) sell as Brodiaea californica Pink Form
> several years ago.  It has been one of the most superb spring bulbs in our
> rock garden (ammeded sandy clay, Permatill, and compost).  I highly urge
> everyone to try B. californica and in particular this fine form.

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