Should I grow it or eat it?
Wed, 21 Jul 2004 07:53:02 PDT
ps.  I think it says all about cooking, considiering these were eaten by 
tribes, they probably wern't used to running down to whole foods or Wegman's for 
their sauces and herbs so just sun dried it, roasted it in an open pit and ate 
it.  Unless of course, you wish to research what herbs grew in the region that 
they used for cooking, etc etc.  This could turn into quite a project.  Also, 
think of potatoes, how we have evolved in our potato cooking.  My grandmother 
boiled, mashed, made salad with, cremed them but I think that was the extent 
of it - and she was a good cook.  But I don't even remember eating a 'baked' 
potato until my teenage years or maybe even later. 
On second thought, go buy some more and start your experimenting, Judy, I 
think this could actually lead to a cookbook that no one else has already done 
yet!!!  I would be willing to test recipes with you, maybe we could team up and 
co-author, you know, hurry before someone else gets it done first.
Oh, morning humor and I haven't even had coffee yet.  What fun.  
I really am curious though, let me know what you do with it.  waxy looking, 
use with peppers in fahitas???
Carolyn Craft

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