Kevin D. Preuss
Wed, 28 Jul 2004 13:28:02 PDT
With Caution...G. liboniana is a diverse species.  It does hybridize with
other species and give spotted-leaf hybrids.  The Flowers and leaves look
about identical to one of mine.
There is G. 'supreme' out there that is a form of liboniana.

The G. espiritiensis would be a cross within the species, not really a
hybrid.  I am working with several of these crosses from a few forms.  I
breed within this species both diploid and triploid forms.  The diplois and
triploids will not interbreed w/in the species, but the diploid hybrids with
hybridize w/ my trploid species and the other way as well.

I have not released any of my hybrids so, somebody else may be breeding with
these.  That would most likely be in Brazil.

Kevin D. Preuss

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