Seed pods - good or bad?
Sun, 04 Jul 2004 15:35:32 PDT
Susan, if you want to see what you get from the seed pods, leave them on 
until they dry up, watch closely and get them just as they begin to split or look 
like they will tomorrow.  The plants that you get will of course not be like 
the parent plant but a hybrid of whatever the bees pollinated for you, maybe 
good maybe not.  To keep the same plants, which you hopefully have named and 
know what they are, you must use the rhizome or clone of the plant to plant more 
of the same.  You can, of course, save the seed and also divide up the 
rhizomes thereby getting more of the same plant and planting the seed to see what you 
do get in about 3 years.
Carolyn in Los Gatos with lots of iris

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