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> For several years I've been experimenting with raised beds for growing
> summer dormant plants here in Maryland. 

Hi all,

I want to use this occasion (query by Jim) as a starting point to tell you 
about his very nice yard and garden.  I was lucky enough to be in Maryland 
recently and arranged to stop by Jim's house (one of the benefits of email garden 

The yard is planted with many native plants as well as ornamental plants.  
Jim to the time to show me and a friend through the entire yard--I even saw a 
Maryland-hardy Brugmansia (no, I'm not kidding).  My friend, who enjoys herbs 
and roses, thought she had visited heaven because Jim's yard if full of both--he 
even has the good sense to grow Darlow's Enigma rose.  

One spectacular part of the yard was the multiple levels, Jim's back yard 
slopes down to a creek.  There are 4 levels if you count one way (deck, pool and 
rose walk, sunken shade/hosta/etc. garden, and then the slope to the creek.  
However, the levels are somewhat hidden from each other by plantings and 
aspect; also the different levels have different shapes (longer than wide, wider 
than long, pool edged with a walkway, etc.).  Finally, the side yards count as 
different levels (in my mind) and the front yard is in a class by itself.  

It is all very beautiful and the entire lot is surrounded by large trees, you 
have no idea you are in "the city."  Additionally, Jim's garden if chock full 
of infinite shades of green, blue-green, chartreuse, red-greens, green-reds, 
and textures of every type (bark, ruffles, edges, thorns, prominent upright 
shapes, prominent low-lying shapes, etc.).  The birds alone provide a sense of 
deep forest (pileated woodpecker) and open fields (finches and mockingbird).  

I could go on and describe more, but my recommendation is that if you are 
going to be in the Rockville, MD area, write to Jim and arrange to see his yard.  
You'll have a lot to see, including what he calls his "lily ghetto."  

Afterwards, be sure to go to the nearby Brazilian restaurant and bring your 



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