Fritillaria on Mystery Bulbs page

Jane McGary
Thu, 10 Jun 2004 10:38:42 PDT
At 11:46 PM 6/9/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>I've added a photo to the wiki's Mystery Bulbs page of a (to me) mystery
>frit. Please take a look and let me know what you think:
>Jim McKenney

I would have to see the inside of the flower for details, but my immediate 
reaction was that this is a photo of Fritillaria crassifolia subsp. 
kurdica. However, F. graeca is extremely variable (it has recently been 
redescribed and sorted out into several species, including one called F. 
mutabilis ('changeable')). The characteristic distinguishing the series to 
which F. graeca (sensu lato) belongs from that to which F. crassifolia 
belongs is that the former has a round to lanceolate nectary, and the 
latter a linear nectary -- a detail that isn't apparent on the photo.

Jane McGary

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