Hymenocallis littoralis

ConroeJoe@aol.com ConroeJoe@aol.com
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 19:43:57 PDT

I'm trying to identify a "found" Hymenocallis.  Last year someone gave me a 
bulb and said it was an interesting type of Crinum that is grown a lot on the 
southeast side of Houston, near the coast, and near Galveston.  Now it has 
bloomed, and it is no Crinum.  

The leaves are evergreen if frost is light, and the leaves could be said to 
be Crinum-like, they are similar to H. liriosme leaves but wider, perhaps 2 or 
3 inches in width.  The leaves are mostly the same length all the way down, 
but they might be a bit wider in the center, there is no petiole.  The big bulb 
(lightbulb-sized) has been in the ground only 8 months but has thrown off 
several new shoots already.  

The flower and leaves look a lot like the photo of H. liriosme in this link, 
including the drooping tepals, the way the anthers are held up, and the 
not-too-big staminal cup.  

So, are there lots of candidates?  I'm forever confused by Hymenocallis.  


Joe in Conroe, TX.  It has been hot and muggy this week, rainy last week, 
humidity is 100% much of the day and all night lately.  Nights have been 70-75 F 
lately, and days 88-95 F.  8 inches of rain so far in June.  

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