Intergeneric Hybrids

Cynthia Mueller
Wed, 09 Jun 2004 06:34:22 PDT
Rand:  On my Word 97 (and probably yours is not really different) you
can click on 'insert' then 'symbol' and a large chart of special symbols
will appear, including copyright, squared, etc. etc.  If you're using
e-mail, you can open MS word, go to symbol, click on the X, click
'insert' which will make it appear on a blank document, highlight the X,
do edit-copy, then go back into e-mail and do edit-paste-special to get 
the symbol X into your message.  If you don't do edit-paste-special,
just edit-paste, you'll get a question mark, instead.

Experiment and see how your computer reacts.

Cynthia Mueller

>>> 6/9/04 7:25:22 AM >>>

>The x of normal fonts is used for convenience because of the
difficulty of
>coaxing most computers to provide the multiplication sign! If anyone
>tell me what combination of keys will produce it in Microsoft Word
2000 I
>should be immensely grateful!

Word for Mac x notho, neither.

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