Crinum bloom

James Waddick
Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:10:08 PDT
Dear All;
	This reminds me I have not mentioned the bloom right now of 
Crinum in Kansas City. So far just a few C. bulbispermum from M. 
Sheppard  as seedlings of Les Hannibal's 'Sacremento' strain. Various 
shades of pink to deep rose.
	Last summer's drought must have given a boost to a big patch 
of Crinum x powelli and the alba form. They are huge this year and no 
sign of flower stalks yet, although they bloom routinely every year.
	A potted "White Queen' is also putting on a nice show. I have 
at least another half dozen that need to get a place in the garden, 
but they do get SO big.
	Wish more people in this part of the country would try them 
as mine have been hardy here for years.

	Best	Jim W.
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