Lilium candidum, etc

John Bryan
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 11:26:47 PDT
Dear John Grimshaw:

I have talked to Ed McRae, he DOES have seed of Lilium candidum Cascade
Strain for sale. He can be reached at 35310 Skogan Road, Sandy, Oregon
97055. The address of the North American Lily Society is C/O Bob Gilman,
Post Office Box 272, Watonna Minnesota, 55060-0272 

Ed did not mention the cost and I did not ask, this will be between you
guys. Others may wish to also obtain see from Ed, it sounded as if he
had a quantity available. Cheers, John E. Bryan

John Bryan wrote:
> Dear John:
> I do not know where you can get seed of Lilium Cascade Strain. May I
> suggest you contact the North American Lily Society and perhaps someone
> may have seed. As it is a selection made some years ago, I doubt if seed
> would be available and obtaining bulbs would be the way to go.
> Propagation is not that difficult from scales, but time is needed for
> these to flower. You might give Ed McRae a call, at 503 668-6443 I think
> you have to dial other numbers in front. I just called Ed, he was not at
> home so I left a message. It could be he will be at the Lily Conference
> in London, seek him out and ask him. Sorry I can not be of greater help
> to you. Cheers, John E. Bryan
> wrote:
> >
> > John Bryan wrote:
> >
> > >[the]Cascade Strain is far  superior.
> >
> > PLEASE tell us where we can get seed of this? I would like to have masses of
> > L. candidum, which should do well in this arid limestone soil, rather like
> > its home in Greece (and nearly as hot at present!).
> >
> > At the end of June the RHS is holding an international lily conference in
> > London, which I am looking forward to immensely and hope to learn how to
> > grow these wonderful plants better. The western USA species allied to L.
> > pardalinum from damper sites seem to grow very well throughout the UK, but
> > the drylanders such as L. washingtonianum are difficult. The minor segregate
> > from L. pardalinum known as 'pitkinense' is particularly easy and I have
> > flowered it in the second year from sowing.
> >
> > At present, naturalized stocks of L. monadelphum and L. martagon from the
> > plantings of H.J. Elwes are in flower here, while more recently planted
> > L.pyrenaicum in both yellow & orange (var. rubrum) forms is fading.
> >
> > John Grimshaw
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