Rigidella flammeau

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Tue, 29 Jun 2004 11:37:44 PDT
    I have a question concerning a plant I saw at the Mendocino Botanic 
Gardens just out side of Fort Bragg, California.
    The plant was identified to me as Rigidella flammea.
    I have not been able to locate a reference to this plant -- not even the 
genus -- in my HORTUS III.
    I found a very oblique reference to it on the web, but no where else.  
    I thought it very beautiful when I saw it blooming at the Botanic Garden. 
 No one there was able to help me on finding out any more about it or where 
they had obtained the plant.
    The flower is bright red  with yellow and green.  It has a most 
remarkable shape like a rocket.  It appears to be a bulbous plant and this would be 
consistent with the information that I found on the web that it was a member of 
the Iridacea Family.
    Since it is an "Irid," and not listed in Northern Hemisphere Horticulture 
books, my guess is that it is a Southern Hemisphere plant.
    I would like any direction or information you can provide me on this 
    Thanking you in advance for any help you can provide.

        Jeanne Clay Plank
        9252 Hoopa Drive
        Kelseyville CA  95451

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