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Jane McGary
Fri, 04 Jun 2004 11:09:45 PDT
Rand Nicholson wrote
>Ok. Now, how would one go about growing these beauties in the north-east, 
>in Maritime Canada? I'm in zone 5b, so I would assume pots would be involved?
> >I have posted photos of some little-cultivated Calochortus on the wiki, 
> since it is now Calochortus flowering season here. They are C. coxii, C. 
> invenustus, and C. longebarbatus. Find the links on the Calochortus page:

I have no idea how to grow anything in Maritime Canada, sorry! At the very 
least, you'd have to cover them against summer rains. C. longebarbatus 
would be your best candidate of the three for staying dormant in winter. I 
don't know of anyone on the North Atlantic rim who grows Calochortus. There 
are some species from the alpine interior of the USA, and one species gets 
into southernmost B.C., and these could be investigated if you could keep 
them as dry and hot as possible. Providing adequate heat would, I think, be 
the big problem.

Maritime Eastern Canada, however, is the focus of a future issue (winter 
2005) of the Rock Garden Quarterly, so if Rand or any of his neighbo(u)rs 
would like to contribute their knowledge, please contact me privately.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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