: Gladiolus italicus

Lauw de Jager dejager@bulbargence.com
Tue, 22 Jun 2004 23:48:42 PDT
I  have found a few  G.italicus plants with pure white flow<ers.
G communis spp byzantinus is a much bigger plant with large bourgondy red
flowers. I got a picture of it in my web site.

le 20/06/04 21:52, Angelo Porcelli à ang.por@aliceposta.it a écrit :
 > my Gladiolus italicus set seeds prolifically and I still should have
plants with seeds now. I have never seen a form  of differnt colours, so
far, apart weak plant with pale stunted flowers. It's still a mystery to me
in what communis or byzantinum differ from italicum.
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