TOW red flowered bulbs
Mon, 21 Jun 2004 14:59:54 PDT
Dear All

One of my best plants is Dahlia coccinea var palmeri from a CDR collection from 
Mexico. It is a tall but dainty plant with finely dissected leaves and flowers 
best in autumn when the weather gets cool and damp. It has horizontally facing 
cosmos like bright orange red flowers. it produces a lot of seed and young 
plants tend to germinate in summer where the plants were the previous year, the 
tubers are not hardy, though. I have donated this seed several times to the IBS 
SX and may do so this year to the PBS SX if no disaster strikes.

For tuberous Begonias....... yes there are people out there who like them, but 
I am interested in SPECIES tuberous Begonias. I know there are some very 
beautiful ones but impossible to come by....... Anyone who can help?

greetings from cold "mid summer" Germany, Uli

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