Intergeneric Hybrids

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 09 Jun 2004 07:18:31 PDT
Dear All,

Thanks so much for all the wonderful responses to my questions. I have 
really learned a lot and I'm sure others have too. I never knew it was a 
multiplication sign instead of an x, but knowing it is a multiplication 
sign it suddenly makes so much sense.

Some time ago Sheila Burrow provided us with the basic windows character map:
I printed it out and have it next to my computer.

In windows if you have the Num Lock On and hold down Alt and on the number 
pad type in 0215 you get this: ×

Doing it this way it becomes ×Hippeastrelia versus xHippeastrelia.

A wiki workers work is never finished. It's not just the new things being 
added, it's the things to change. Sigh.....I suppose that the new page I 
just made should be redone. Any of you who are editing a wiki page and are 
willing to change the x to a  multiplication sign are encouraged to do so. :-)

Mary Sue

At 08:34 AM 6/9/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Rand:  On my Word 97 (and probably yours is not really different) you
>can click on 'insert' then 'symbol' and a large chart of special symbols
>will appear, including copyright, squared, etc. etc.  If you're using
>e-mail, you can open MS word, go to symbol, click on the X, click
>'insert' which will make it appear on a blank document, highlight the X,
>do edit-copy, then go back into e-mail and do edit-paste-special to get
>the symbol X into your message.  If you don't do edit-paste-special,
>just edit-paste, you'll get a question mark, instead.
>Experiment and see how your computer reacts.
>Cynthia Mueller
> >>> 6/9/04 7:25:22 AM >>>
> >The x of normal fonts is used for convenience because of the
>difficulty of
> >coaxing most computers to provide the multiplication sign! If anyone
> >tell me what combination of keys will produce it in Microsoft Word
>2000 I
> >should be immensely grateful!
>Word for Mac x notho, neither.
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