Mystery Fritillaria + 3 new Frit Photos

Jane McGary
Fri, 11 Jun 2004 10:33:31 PDT
Mark wrote,
 >I also added two other frit pictures.  The first is F. bythinica.  Mary Sue
>already posted some nice closeups of the flower showing the interior and
>exterior coloration of the flower; my shot was taken outside where the 
>plant grows
>under a deciduous shrub.  I had no idea the plant was so tiny

F. bithynica (note spelling -- from Bithynia, an ancient territory in 
northwestern Asia Minor) is one of my favorites. It flowers very early but 
I still get some seed set on it. Like some other bulbs, individual plants 
get larger over the years (it doesn't make many offsets), so Mark's plants 
may appear more robust in the future.

>   The
>second photo shows a young first blossom on putative F. wabuensis, grown from
>bulbs shipped from Chen Yi, in China.

The name "F. wabuensis" does not appear at all on Martyn Rix's current list 
of species. There are a great many names for CHinese frits of the "X"ensis 
type, mostly set up by Y. K. Yang and colleagues, and most of these will 
not be recognized in the classification to appear in the Flora of China. 
They appear to involve primarily the groups represented by the familiar F. 
tortifolia, F. cirrhosa, and F. delavayi, respectively. I suppose they're 
local populations of one or another more widely recognized species. 
Naturally, it is in the interest of bulb sellers to offer them under 
unfamiliar names, so people will buy them thinking they're something new!

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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