Feeding Lilies

Rodger Whitlock totototo@pacificcoast.net
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 13:41:39 PDT
On 22 Jun 04 at 22:25, johngrimshaw@tiscali.co.uk wrote:

> I see that McRae says that [Lilium humboldtii] is (of the West
> Coast dryland spp) 'probably the least fastidious and easiest to
> manage' but notes that it wants to be very dry through late summer
> and autumn. Any comments on this?

One comment: don't confuse "summer dry" with "summer warmth". In
other words, if you have L. humboldtii in a pot, don't necessarily
think it will do better baked in full sun like a species tulip. If 
potted, I suspect it would do better dried off in shade or semi-shade 
than in sun.

The Pacific Northwest has a reputation as a wet place, but many
parts of it west of the Cascade Mountains have long summer dry
spells. Yet these areas are generally fairly cool in summer.

It's on the east side of the Cascades that one gets semi-desert 
conditions with intense heat in summer.

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