Hardy Crinum List

James Yourch yourch@nortelnetworks.com
Thu, 24 Jun 2004 07:22:39 PDT
Tony Avent wrote a long list of Crinums hardy for him in central North
Carolina.  I am also in central North Carolina and am north and west of Tony
so might be a few degrees colder.  I agree with Tony on all of our many

I have a few more to add that I have tested in my garden that don't
duplicate any of Tony's:

Crinum rattrayii - a jagus form, in a protected location
Crinum asiaticum - in a protected location
Crinum x 'White Prince' - not sure if this is the same as what Tony listed
as 'Great White Prince', but mine is not a powellii.
Crinum x 'Super Ellen'
Crinum x 'Peachblow'
Crinum x 'Burgundy'

These went into the garden this year so will get their first test this

Crinum album (syn. yemense)
Crinum macowanii
Crinum procerum (red leaf)
Crinum scabrum - in a protected location
Crinum x 'Summer Glow'
Crinum x 'Sunbonnet'
Crinum x 'Improved Peachblow'
Crinum oliganthum x flaccidum
Crinum x baconi - same ancestry as 'Southern Belle' and 'Maureen Spinks',
but a different form.


Jay Yourch

Central North Carolina, USA (USDA Zone 7)

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