Nth. Am. Lilium

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 07:24:07 PDT
Dear All,

There have been such informative and interesting posts on North American 
Lilium species this week. So perhaps even if we haven't had many people 
telling about their favorite red flowered bulbs, that topic has stimulated 
a thread that people have wanted to talk about.

Dirk writes:
>Most of my failure occurred when I moved house out to Yackandandah where 
>the summers are much cooler, and the winters are cold and damp for 
>extended periods of time. The Lilium grew but never excelled in this climate.

This seems surprising to me at least where the coastal species are 
concerned since they would seem to prefer this kind of climate. Maybe those 
normally under snow during winter wouldn't like it wet and damp in winter 
which is what it would be for me too. The cooler summers would seem to be 

While we were away, my husband put some of our plants on the drip including 
a couple of rather large pots of L. humboldtii. They are looking much 
happier than some of the pots not on the drip that got sporadic water even 
though this one is supposed to need a dry summer rest, but obviously not 
yet. Perhaps this would be a species that would like it in Yackandandah and 
I'd think the coastal populations of Lilium pardalinum would too. Still it 
seems to be a long time for most of us to get some of these from seed to 

John Grimshaw wrote:
"The minor segregate from L. pardalinum known as 'pitkinense' is 
particularly easy and I have
flowered it in the second year from sowing."

How did you do this John?

Mary Sue

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