Seed pods - good or bad?

diana chapman
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 19:18:27 PDT
Hi Bob:

Since with most California geophytes the foliage has pretty much withered by
the time the plant is in full bloom, it seems to me that by the time seed is
developing the plant must draw nutrients from the bulb or corm.  Otherwise,
the green stem would have to provide, through photosynthesis, all the
starches and sugars needed for the developing seed.  Maybe that's possible,
but since Calochortus and the Brodiaea group produce a lot of seed, it seems


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> Too bad Stan Farwig, a long time amateur grower and
> expert on Calochortus and So. African geophytes, is no
> longer with us to discuss pro and con of effect of
> seed setting. He once told me he felt this took
> strength from the corm and inhibited bloom the
> following year. Bob Werra -No. Calif.
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