Hardy Crinum List - Cinum lugardiae

Daryl Geoghegan plants_man@bigpond.com
Thu, 24 Jun 2004 14:37:54 PDT
 this species does well in my garden, as do many  other Crinum discussed and
mentioned on this topic. Our lows are -1 ( 30.2 F ) for a usual winter. They
seem to do fine.

I think it is rather the soil percolation rate x the temperature that is the
deciding factor. We have most of our rain fall in the winter, at a time when
some of the species I grow need it dry and cool. Crinum scabrum tolerates
our winter which is most surprising to me. In Wodonga, when I grew them in
pots, I had to move them to a dryer spot each winter. Now they are in the
ground, I don't have this job each autumn...hooray!

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> Hi  all,
> Can  anyone advise  on the  low(s)  tolerated  by Crinum lugardiae.
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> Rob in Tasmania
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