winter hardiness

Tony Avent
Sun, 27 Jun 2004 09:00:14 PDT

	Great essay on provenance.  Just a couple of things to add if I might.
Provenence isn't always what it seems.  Most plants in the Florida
Panhandle have hardiness to at least zone 6 and some further north.
Originally, many of these plants resided in the Ohio or Delaware Valleys
and were relocated during the last ice age.  They never bothered to loose
their winter hardiness.  

	Additionally, we are already growing one Hawaiian endemic, Lepechinia
hastata, which has no problem handling 0 degrees F.  Obviously, since
Hawaii was a volcano, all plants came originally from somewhere else.  This
plant probably originated from a nearby high mountian, arrived in the
tropical paradise and speciated, but never lost it's winter hardiness.
Pushing the envelope is a wonderful learning experience.

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