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>I saw an iris new to me in a catalog and 
>wondered what kind of conditions it needs. 
>It is Iris cycloglossa. It's listed with the 
>Rockgarden iris. Does it have short flowers 
>and tall leaves like the reticulatas? The 
>catalog says it blooms in May/June, 4-5". 
>That's too late to plant back in the bed to 
>hide the foliage as everything is pretty 
>well started by then. Any and all help 
>is appreaciated. Thanks.


Iris cyclogossa is a Juno Iris... perhaps one of the very latest flowering 
species in the section, as most Junos flower much earlier.  In my garden, I. 
cycloglossa flowers in May-June, long after the rest of the junos have finished 
in April-May.  Foliage is unobtrusive, and the stems are rather tallish to 2' 
(60 cm) or more, with large, sumptuous, lavender-blue flopping flowers.  There 
are 3 photos of this species that I posted to the PBS wiki last year and the 
year before.  See them at:…

My plants grow at the edge of a slightly raised mound, growing in a 5-6" 
sandy-loamy soil, over a base of clay... the type of bed I grow many bulbs such as 
Triteliaeas, Brodiaeas, etc., although I think this species will grow in any 
sunny raised sand-bed sort of situation, where Junos seem to flourish. 

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