Ledebouria sp col. by CDR, Natal

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Sun, 20 Jun 2004 12:38:06 PDT
Dear Mary Sue,

Thanks for the additions to the wiki and for reminding us about Lee's wiki
page for Harry Hay.

Re Ledebouria sp. collected by CDR in Natal,

This appears close to Ledebouria lachenalioides which has had a long life as
Scilla lachenalioides, then as a Drimiopsis, then as a Resnova until
recently being transferred by Manning and Goldblatt to Ledebouria.

According to Van Der Merwe in Flowering Plants of South Africa, 824, 1941
Scilla lachenaleoides  is "found on mist-haunted mountains of the eastern
Cape Province, and does not thrive as an ordinary pot plant, being
apparently very sensitive to environmental conditions."

The image shows an obviously thriving  specimen in flower in a pot so
perhaps it is another of the species of (Drimiopsis) Ledebouria.  Is it
perhaps a form of the variable L. burkei (D. burkei)?

Anyone collecting Drimiopsis species?

Zone 7, Sierra Foothills, CA

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