National collections programs

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 13 Jun 2004 10:34:06 PDT
Dear Alan & all,

I looked at the collections page on your web site:

As expected in an agricultural site it appears a lot of the holdings are 
crops. It doesn't look like there are a lot of bulbs. Allium, as a source 
of food, makes sense. Would the emphasis be on collecting ones that were 
eaten? Looking through some of the species held at Pullman with a quick 
browse I saw they they are not holding many of the Pacific northwest 
species I grow.

What do you mean by this statement?
>The distribution system is not sufficiently peopled to handle lot's of 
>hobbyist requests, but genuine research requests and grower requests are 
>taken seriously.
Does it mean that if someone wants to do research on a particular genus or 
species that they can request material and receive it? What is the 
difference between a hobbyist and a grower? I'm not planning on requesting 
anything. I am just curious.

We have a number of members of this list who are National Plant Collection 
holders in the UK. We visited a couple of them on our trip. Dave Fenwick 
holds Crocosmia (including Chasmanthe) and Tulbaghia and he has recently 
been approved to add Amaryllis, x Amarygia, x Amarine and x Amarcrinum. I 
may be leaving out others he has. It was so interesting to meet him and see 
how he grows things. Unfortunately early May is not the time to go to see 
his plants as only a couple were in bloom, but as some of you who have been 
reading my notes over the years know I really love getting to meet the 
people just as much as seeing the plants. One of the things that most 
intrigued me at Dave's was the greenhouse he had created on one of his 
holdings. He had built and designed it out of mostly recycled materials and 
it works really well for him. When he has time maybe he will tells us about 
it. Bob took a picture of it from the inside. If people are interested I 
could add it to the wiki.

I think Australia has a collections program too and some of our members may 
be holders.

All this discussion has made me think of a topic of the week that we could 
do. Since I am having a little trouble filling the slots you may see it 
appear soon one of these weeks. I think it would be very helpful to 
identify people who we associated with a particular genus. I know over the 
years I have paid attention when someone speaks up about a genus they are 
especially interested in and then I know whom to contact if I can't figure 
out a question on my own. So in the next couple of weeks be thinking about 
whom you associate with a genus and perhaps we can get together a list of 
resource people when I announce that topic.

For instance: Allium -- Mark McDonough

Mary Sue

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