UK bulbs - anemone nem.

Jane McGary
Fri, 11 Jun 2004 10:48:53 PDT
Jim wrote,
>Suddenly I'm feeling very acquisitive and want to start a new collection. 
>[of Anemone nemorosa variants]

At a recent local plant sale, I acquired a couple of new ones from a Swiss 
nurseryman who has relocated to my area. His nursery is Edelweiss 
Perennials, and it has a rudimentary website (be sure you search for 
Edelweiss Perennials, not "Edelweiss Nursery," which is a midwestern 
bedding plant operation). I've also found an excellent list of these plants 
at Long Acre Plants (U.K.) but have not received a reply to my inquiry 
about whether they ship overseas.

The "crested" form that Diane Whitehead describes as a plant passed from 
garden to garden is probably the same as the one that I got from Bovees 
Nursery in Portland, Oregon. I tried to buy it there years ago and they 
would not sell it to me, but I got it anyway by buying a field-grown 
rhododendron from them, with the anemone rhizomes in the root ball. I 
expect they sell it on purpose now. They have a mail-order operation but I 
don't know if they're on line.

I don't recall whether Janet Galpin, who is working on a British National 
Collection of Anemone, is on this forum, but I've corresponded with her in 
the past and she probably has a good list of known varieties of A. nemorosa.

I recently researched the British National Collections program while 
casting about for something to write. In this scheme, both institutions and 
individuals maintain and curate systematic collections of one genus, or one 
section of a genus (e.g., there is a national collection of Japanese 
Anemone cultivars). A standing committee examines proposals and certifies 
the collections based on fairly elaborate criteria. Some years ago, 
American nurseryman Barry Glick was trying to stir up interest in starting 
a similar program in the USA, but as far as I know it never got off the 
ground, or should I say in the ground. Especially with the movement to 
restrict the entry of new plant species to the USA, it might be good to 
explore establishing such a project now, under the auspices of a 
representative and stable committee, with official input from plant 
societies. (Replies to this paragraph should have a new subject line, please.)

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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