New Wiki Images-Phaedranassa,Cyrtanthus,Cyclamen

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 08 Jun 2004 09:43:34 PDT
Dear All,

John Ingram recently added an image of the plant that many of us grow as 
Phaedranassa carmioli to the wiki page:…

A number of years ago (June 200) on the old Turley IBS list Diana Chapman 
said. "There is a Phaedranassa in circulation called P. carmioli, 
supposedly collected in Costa Rica, but this, as far as I can gather, is 
not considered a valid name, and is probably P. dubia."

I asked if I should change my tags and she wrote:
"In Alan Meerow's "Flora of Ecuador" there is a key for Phaedranassa, but 
some of mine seem to key out somewhere in between P. dubia and P. 
tunguraguae (I ALWAYS have this problem with keys!).  He does state that 
there are probably intermediate forms."

Alan Meerow replied: "According to Claude Hope and Luis Diego Gomez 
(director of Wilson Botanical Garden), there really is a Phaedranssa in 
Costa Rica which was described as
P. carmioli.  I've never been able to get living material.  Herbarium 
specimens that I have seen have been all but useless (typical for most 
amaryllids that require color to differentiate).  So, there is something in 
CR that Baker named P. carmioli, but whether it is a distinct species or a 
northern migrant of, let's say, P. ventricosa from Colombia or some other 
Ecuadorean species, I do not know.  We also cannot rule out adventive 
introduction by humans, Precolombian or otherwise."

That left me completely puzzled about the identity of what I grow. If 
anyone has figured it out please speak up. I have some fat seed pods coming 
on I could give to the BX, but don't know what to call it.

John has also added a picture of Cyrtanthus obliquus.…

Finally Bill Dijk has added interesting text about his pictures of Cyclamen 
graecum album. I renamed his files to correspond with the correct spelling. 
Also there are three pictures of Cyclamen hederifolium leaves from Bill 
illustrating our late topic of the week, fabulous foliage.…

Mary Sue

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